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Stomping environmental bugs so multi-platform software actually works correctly on multiple platforms

What are environmental bugs?

An application’s environment is the hardware, software, files, and communications it depends upon in order to get its job done. Environmental bugs are bugs caused by differences between the environments in which a multi-platform application should be able to run.

Why is this important?

Environmental bugs are sneaky. It isn’t feasible to test software under every environment in which it is in which it is expected to run. This means bugs are only caught after software fails once it has been delivered to its users. At this point its too late because these bugs can cause real damage


Our goal is to construct tools that help developers more easily identify when their software may be vulnerable to anomalous environments. First, this means tools that can analyze an application at rest or in action in order to provide feedback about how an application might be vulnerable. Second, this means tools that can easily and efficiently simulate weird environments in order to prove that an application fails as predicted so effort is not wasted on false positives.

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